Interkulturelles Training Fit for Germany 09.12.2020

Interkulturelles Training Fit for Germany

Target Group

foreign executives and employees, who

  • work and live in Germany
  • accompany spouses
  • cooperate with German business partners/colleagues
  • regularly travel to Germany on business


  • gaining insight into the dynamics of intercultural cooperation
  • comprehending German culture and how it influences mindset and communication patterns
  • learning basic facts about German society
  • developing strategies for successful contact with German business partners and colleagues
  • understanding everyday life in Germany


Dr. Tingting Brengelmann is a Chinese nation-al who has been living and working in Germany since 2001. For her, intercultural competence is not just the result of working experience in a foreign country, but a thorough reflection of one’s own system of values and reconsideration of familiar behavioral patterns. It is a non-stop process. And this can be seen as a red thread running through her trainings.


This seminar will provide you with practical applications. We employ case studies, roleplays, discussions, individual and group assignments and other interactive methods.

Customized Seminars

You will receive a questionnaire prior to the start. Please share special interests and questions that we can integrate into the seminar.

Datum & Uhrzeit

09.12.2020 - 09:30 Uhr

09.12.2020 - 17:30 Uhr


Luke McBride

+49 (0)221 - 16 26 231



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